Jaaxy: an Incredible Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy: an Incredible Keyword Research Tool

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a tool that can enable you to search for keywords which you can include in the title, subheadings, and descriptions of your articles and blog posts so that you can get organic traffic to your website.

What Makes Jaaxy Such a Great Keyword Tool?

Why should you choose to use Jaaxy instead of the other keyword tools on the market?

1.     Jaaxy Free

Once you sign up to join Jaaxy, you have the privilege of doing 30 free searches before you decide to pay for the full priced tool which gives you added benefits such as seeing more search results and also seeing more domain names.

2.     Jaaxy’s Data is Reliable

Jaaxy’s data comes directly from Google unlike many other keyword tools which get their data from unpopular search engines. Therefore, Jaaxy’s results are current. In addition, the data you get are trustworthy and very accurate.

3.     Jaaxy Lets You Know What Your Competitors are Doing

Jaaxy’s website SERPs tab can help you to analyze the 10 websites that appear on Google’s first page. Jaaxy will give you information such as the description tags, keyword tags, outbound links on the website, backlinks and so on. You can copy the Meta Tags and paste them in a Word document so that you can analyze it in your spare time.

4.     Jaaxy Gives You Accurate Competition Metrics

Jaaxy gives you all the right competition metrics, that is the ones that really matter, on one page. It gives you the number of other websites that are also using the keyword you have chosen. Moreover, Jaaxy helps you to know if the keyword you have chosen gets enough traffic. In addition, Jaaxy simplifies the data for you so that you can understand it easily.

Pix. 1. Jaaxy Makes It Easy to Understand the Data

Jaaxy: an Incredible Keyword Research Tool


This is how a typical Jaaxy keyword search results page looks like. The column on the left gives you keyword variations of the keyword you search for. In this example, I searched for the key word “jaaxy”.

The column titled “Avg” gives you the average number of searches each keyword gets in a month. Therefore, the keyword “jaaxy” (in the 1st row) on average gets searched for 694 times in a month. The keyword “jaaxy keyword tool review” (in the 5th row) gets searched for 135 times in a month.

The column titled “Traffic” gives you the amount of traffic the keyword gets in a day. So, the keyword “jaaxy” (in the 1st row) gets searched for 118 times in a day.

The column titled “QSR” tells you whether the keyword you have chosen can help make your article appear on the first page of Google or not. It is explained further  in Point 5 below.

The column titled “KQI” tells you the quality index of your keyword. If it is green, it means your keyword receives little competition and can, therefore, make it to the 1st page in Google in a short time. You can, therefore, use it to write an article. If the KQI is yellow (as it is for “jaaxy review” (in the 7th row), it means that keyword faces a lot of competition and it may take a long time before your article gets to the first page in search results.

Pix. 2. A KQI can be red


The KQI can also be red as you can see in the picture above in which the KQI for the keyword “wealthy affiliate” (in the 1st row) is red. A red KQI indicates that that particular keyword has been overused and, therefore, your article or blog post will never get to the first page in Google because there is too much competition.

The fifth column titled “SEO” tells you how well your keyword ranks in search engines. The closer it is to 100, the better it ranks in search engines and, therefore, the easier people will find it when they search for it. For example, the key word “wealthy affiliates” has a SEO of 7. Therefore, if you were to use that keyword to write an article, that article will rank very low in search engines and may never be read. However, if you were to use the keyword “wealthy affiliate university reviews” which has a SEO of 98 to write an article, that article will rank well in search engines and many people may see it and read it.

The data Jaaxy pulls up is so easy to understand and simple to analyze, isn’t it? That is what makes Jaaxy great!

5.     It is the Only Tool That Shows You the Competition Your Keyword is Facing

Jaaxy lets you see the competition that the keyword you have chosen faces by showing you the number of websites which are ranked for that particular keyword which you have chosen. This separates Jaaxy from the rest.

For example, let us say I have a keyword “Jaaxy” and I want to use it to write an article. I must first find out how many other websites are also using that same keyword so that I will know the competition that keyword will face. This will inform me as to whether to use that keyword to write an article, or whether to use a variant of that keyword to write my article.

So, I login into my Jaaxy account and enter “Jaaxy” in the search box (on the left of your screen, below). Then, I click on “Find Keywords”.

The following results show up.

Pix. 3. Jaaxy Shows You the Competition Your Keyword Faces

Jaaxy: an Incredible Keyword Research Tool


The column under “QSR” (or Quoted Search Results) gives you the number of other sites where that same keyword “jaaxy” has been used. So, for example, in the picture above, “jaaxy” (in the first row) has a QSR of 97. This means that 97 other websites have used the keyword “jaaxy”.

“Why should I care about whether someone has used the keyword I want to use on his website?” you may ask. It matters because the higher the QSR of a keyword, the greater the competition that keyword faces and the slimmer the chances that your article will make it to the first page of the search results if you use that keyword to write an article.

Generally, a QSR less than 300 is good. The closer the QSR is to 0 the better. Therefore, in the image above, you can use all of the keywords to write articles since they all have QSRs of less than 300. You can write an article with “jaaxy affiliate program”, in the second row, because it has a QSR of 122, and your article will rank well in search engines, or you can write an article using “jaaxy reviews”, in the tenth row, because it has a QSR of 82 and your article will rank well in Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

6.     You Get Low Competition Keywords

Jaaxy searches for very targeted keywords with little competition by using an extensive algorithm to find out the exact competition within search engines. Jaaxy then presents the information to you in the simplified form that you have seen in the pictures above. You will not get this information in this way on any other keyword research tool.

7.     Jaaxy Helps You to Do Very Quick Niche Research

Pix. 4. Jaaxy Can Help You to Discover New Niches

Jaaxy: an Incredible Keyword Research Tool


It is possible you use a keyword tool that makes you spend hours, or even days, looking for the right keywords to write your blog posts or articles. For some of these keyword tools, it is extremely difficult to identify profitable niches that can help you make money. These keyword tools have no way of making you know about micro-niches or how to help you find a good domain name.

However, Jaaxy gives you niche ideas in just a few minutes of research. Let us consider the image above. On the far right is the column titled “Related”.  This column appears for every keyword search you do. Under it you can see keywords such as “jaaxy keyword research tool,” “jaaxy best key word tool,” and so on. You can use these keywords to create niche and micro-niche websites.

8.     You Can Use Jaaxy to Find Profitable Domain Names

Jaaxy can help you to find a SEO friendly domain related to a keyword that has a high number of searches. It does this by giving you the column “Domains” in the pictures above, which you can use to search for a domain name that receives a huge amount of traffic. You can then buy the domain and sell it immediately for a profit. Alternatively, you can build a website using this domain.  It takes just a short time, just seconds, to see available domains for a certain keyword.

9.     Jaaxy Helps You Find Profitable Affiliate Programs

Pix. 5. Jaaxy Can Help You to Find Profitable Affiliate Programs

Jaaxy: an Incredible Keyword Research Tool


On the dashboard in the picture above, you can see “Affiliate Programs”. Jaaxy searches through thousands of affiliate programs online and gives you the ones that are relevant to your search. Therefore, you can do your affiliate program research in a very short time instead of spending hours Googling, searching for the right affiliate program to join. Furthermore, Jaaxy will tell you the ranking of the website where the affiliate program is so that you can figure out if that website is trustworthy.

10.                       You Can Build Keyword Lists

Jaaxy makes it possible for you to create keyword lists. In addition, you can manage these keyword lists. When you search for any keyword, you can save the keyword list to the “Saved Lists”. Subsequently, you can create another keyword list and add keywords to it. Alternatively, you can add keywords to a keyword list that you have saved.

Furthermore, you can save your keyword lists as CSV or TXT files so that you can analyze them, let them inspire you to get ideas for future articles, or send them to your clients.

Jaaxy Affiliate—a Bonus for You

The great thing about joining Jaaxy is that immediately you sign up and create an account, you become a Jaaxy affiliate. It is that easy!

“Why should I be happy to be a Jaaxy affiliate? What is in it for me?” you may be wondering. The Jaaxy Affiliate Program gives you an opportunity to earn extra income as you use the amazing Jaaxy keyword tool to find keywords to create great content and make money. You can make $8 every month for each person you bring to Jaaxy and who decides to continue using Jaaxy after the 30 free keyword searches.


Pix. 6. You can earn as much as you want in the Jaaxy Affiliate program

Jaaxy: an Incredible Keyword Research Tool


You can also make much more than that. As the image above shows, you can earn as much as you want. How much you can earn from the Jaaxy Affiliate Program depends on how many people you can refer to Jaaxy on a daily basis. From the picture, you can see that it is possible to make $,1480 if you refer five people a day and they all upgrade their membership. You can make much more than that ($44,850) if you can refer 50 people a day.

In addition to earning money, you have the opportunity to do 10 more free searches for every person you refer to Jaaxy who upgrades his membership. For example, if you refer one person and he joins Jaaxy and upgrades his membership, you can do 10 more keyword searches when you use up your 30 free searches. If 50 people who you refer to Jaaxy upgrade their membership, you can do 50 more free searches when you use up your 30 free searches.

How to Use Jaaxy

There is this free, popular keyword tool which I tried using once. After I keyed in my keyword, I could not make head or tail of the results that came up. It was totally confusing! The Help section of that website did not help matters much, too.

However, with Jaaxy, you receive training as to how to understand the data and also how to analyze it and use it for your work. Understanding the data is made easier  because a video accompanies the tutorials.

Jaaxy Pricing

Upgrading your membership entitles you to many more benefits such as doing as many searches as you want. Upgrading your membership will cost you only $19 a month. Some keyword search tools cost as much as $69 a month, others between $200 and $500. Jaaxy is cheap, wouldn’t you say?

Jaaxy Enterprise, a tool created specifically for Internet Marketers, comes in a variety of prices. Check out more about Jaaxy Enterprise here.



Jaaxy is a superb keyword tool that gives you data that you can trust. Furthermore, it can give you a peep into what your competitors who are succeeding are doing so that you can learn a few secrets to help you improve your performance. Moreover, Jaaxy can help you to enter the lucrative business of buying and selling website domains.

Jaaxy is the keyword tool every writer, blogger, internet marketer, internet advertiser, or SEO  should use. Sign up now and enjoy these great benefits this tool has to offer.


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